Life Skills


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Middle School Life Skills


Course description:

The Life Skills class is designed to enhance student success at the middle school. Student success is defined as meeting standards and achieving personal satisfaction in both the academic and interpersonal realms. The course focuses on developing positive peer relationships as well as empathy and tolerance for others. Specific study skills are taught, which enable students to achieve academic success. Examples of study skills include organization, recording assignments properly, time management, test taking skills, etc. The course will also emphasize character development and conflict resolution.

Anticipated student outcomes:

  • Students will develop positive friendships and will become a responsible, active learner.
  • Students will be knowledgeable of, and able to utilize effective study skills and habits.
  • Students will learn how to deal with adversity when it arises.
  • Students will learn to respect themselves and others.
  • Students will learn and understand the importance of being a critical thinker and self-direct learner.


Attendance will be taken at every class meeting. You are expected to be on time and participate fully during class discussions.

In-class activities:

The in-class activities will be a combination of small group activities, individual work and class discussion.

Goal setting– Dreams:

This is an opportunity for students to think about their future while taking into account every day tasks needed to achieve their life goals. Dream big!






The self-reflection component will provide an opportunity for students to reflect on the year, thus, allowing the instructors to prepare for future classes.

Materials required or used:

  • A binder or folder.
  • A writing journal.
  • Students must bring their organizer/planner and a pencil or pen.


Criteria for grading:

  • Course is pass/fail.
  • Students are expected to participate in classroom activities.

Contact Information:

Teachers will be available for conference during the October and March scheduled conference times.  If you need to see a teacher at another time please call the SS office at 087 917 1010 to make an appointment.

Teachers may also be email during the day at:

John Murray –


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